Health Tips For Summer: Keep this thing to avoid heatstroke, apply raw mango paste here in case of injury

The chances of getting heat stroke are highest during the summer season. In fact, due to excessive sweating in this season, the amount of water in the body decreases and due to this weakness starts feeling. Therefore, more and more fluids should be consumed in summer. Yes, and at the same time, such seasonal fruits should be included in your diet regularly, which have high water content. By doing this you can avoid the heat. During this, before going out in the sun, drink water or any cold syrup. Like mango panna, shikanji is more beneficial. Also, you should consume vegetable soup these days because it can be avoided from heat.

Apart from this, cucumber is very beneficial for health in the summer season. Cucumber is also very effective to avoid heat. Rich in vitamins A, B and K, maintains the water level in the body. Keep in mind that do not drink too much water immediately after eating cucumber. Apart from this, curd must be included in your diet in summer. Actually curd acts like a probiotic in our body. You can eat curd by making raita, it will save you from heat. Apart from this, rubbing onion on the nail before going out in the sun in summer also does not cause heat. Yes and apart from this, if you keep peeled onions in hand while going out in the sun, then heat can also be avoided.

Yes and if it is hot, then paste of onion juice mixed with barley flour should be applied on the body. Make a paste by mixing barley flour with water and apply it on the body half an hour before bathing. By doing this the effect of heat is reduced. Apart from this, by making a paste of raw mango and massaging the soles of the feet to avoid heat, the outbreak of heat can be avoided.


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