Healthy Burger Recipe: Junk food is spoiling both our digestion and health, but junk food can also be made healthy, in this way make healthy burger?

Lifestyle Desk. Junk food has taken a big place in the lifestyle of people today. Pizza, burgers, sandwiches are included in everyday life. But whether they are healthy or not, it is known from their making and the ingredients involved in them. Although people are advised to avoid junk food. But junk foods can also be replaced with a healthy diet. However, on social media, many nutritionists have shared how to make healthy burgers.

So let’s know how healthy burger can be made at home …


– two large lettuce leaves

-grilled cheese


-chili peppers

Mustard chutney (as per taste)

– BBQ Sauce (as per taste)

How to make Healthy Burger is as follows…

First of all take two big leaves of lettuce. Place a piece of grilled paneer on one of it. Apply mustard and BBQ sauce on the paneer well. Place tomato slices, jalapeos. Now place the second lettuce leaf on top. After this cover your burger with a steak. Take your healthy burger is ready. Now serve it with mustard chutney.


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