Hindu Nav Varsh 2022: Vikram Nav Samvatsar 2079, King Shani and Jupiter will be minister

The Hindu New Year Vikram Samvat 2079 will begin on April 2, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. This time the name of Samvatsara will be null. The king of Nav Samvatsara will be Shani and the minister will be Gurudev Brihaspati. The year on which Nav Samvatsara begins, the ruling planet of that season is called the king of the year. This time the Hindu New Year is starting on Saturday. Therefore, the king of Samvatsara will be Shani. Jyotishacharya Dr. Anish Vyas, Director of Pal Balaji Jyotish Sansthan, Jaipur, Jodhpur told that the Hindu New Year Vikram Samvat 2079 will begin on April 2 on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Gudi Padwa. This time the name of Samvatsara will be null. Shani will be the king of Nav Samvatsara. Along with being the king, Shani will also have control over three major departments. The cabinet consists of five major planets. Inflation will increase in Shani-dominated New Year. Rice production will be affected. However, the rain conditions are going to be favourable. Due to this, there will be abundant production of other cereals including wheat in some states of the country. On the day of Gudi Padwa, on which Nav Samvatsara begins, the ruling planet of that day is called the king of the year. This time the Hindu New Year is starting on Saturday. Therefore, the king of Samvatsara will be Shani. There is a tradition of Samvatsara result in astrology. In this, what will be the effect of the position of the planets on the general public, society, nation, market and monetary policy throughout the year, it is shown.

Jyotishcharya Dr. Anish Vyas told that in the administration of Nav Samvatsar, King Shani Dev and Guru Brihaspati, who has got the post of minister, will have an effect on the entire pastoral world. Where among the planets, the judge Shani Dev will prove to be the provider of the fruits of karma with his influence, the same Dev Guru Jupiter will provide his positivity in the pastoral world as a minister. In this Samvatsara, out of 10 departments of the Council of Astronomical Ministers of the planets, 5 departments including the king and minister will be near the sinful planets and 5 departments will be with the auspicious planets. According to the book Bhaskar Bhaskar, the rain is good in Nal Samvatsar, but the kings suffer and the people are afraid of thieves. The king of this year is Shani, about which according to the Brihat Samhita’s (Graha Varsha Phaladhyay Chapter number 19), when Shani is the king of the year, the terror of thieves, dacoits and evil criminals increases. Terror causes political instability, loss of life and property. People suffer from disease, famine and shed tears because of the loss of loved ones.

Astrologer Dr. Anish Vyas told that this year Gemini ascendant is rising in the horoscope of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. The combination of Mars, the lord of the sixth house (violence and disease) and Saturn, the ruler of the eighth house, is creating a very inauspicious yoga, due to which the top leadership of the ruling party at the center has to face some untoward incidents. This may create an environment of political instability. This situation of political instability is likely to be created between April and November this year due to some sudden tragic developments. In the Hindu New Year horoscope, the sign of the ascendant Mercury being debilitated in Pisces and joining the Sun and the Moon in the tenth house is the sum of major changes in the central government’s cabinet.

economic reform law

The BJP recently won four of the five states, performing unexpectedly well after it announced the repeal of three agricultural laws in November last year. In the Hindu New Year’s horoscope, Saturn and Mars sitting in the eighth house are giving vision to the second house of wealth, and Saturn is looking at the Moon, the lord of wealth, from the third point of view. With the effect of this yoga, the central government can bring new economic reforms laws to increase disinvestment in public sector companies, which will be opposed by workers and farmers’ organizations in large parts of the country. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the eighth house is also an astrological sign for the discovery of new deposits of coal, oil, iron-ore and natural gas, due to which the sums of large-scale investments in the energy sector are being made this year. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter being formed in the ninth house is the sum of increasing private investment in the field of higher education on a large scale.

danger on borders

In the horoscope of Hindu New Year, there is a conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the eighth house. In Navamsa, both Saturn and Mars are aspecting the eighth house. This yoga is giving astrological indications of loss of life and property due to war this year. This year, Saturn will retrograde in June and later in November, Mars will retrograde from Gemini and will transit in Taurus. Mars will remain in Taurus for about 5 months, which is showing the sum of political instability and threat of war on borders. Between April and November this year, India may have to face the challenges of war on the borders with China and Pakistan, in which the biggest threat will be from China.


Dr. Anish Vyas, a world-renowned prophet and horoscope analyst, told that King-Saturn, Mantri-Guru, Sasyesh-Sun, Durgesh-Mercury, Dhanesh-Saturn, Rashesh-Mars, Dhanyesh-Venus, Neeresh-Saturn, Phalesh-Mercury, Meghesh- Wed will be Also, the residence of the Samvatsara will be the house of the potter and the vehicle of time will be the horse. This year also the vehicle of the time is horse, in that year there is a possibility of extensive damage due to high speed wind, cyclone, storm, earthquake, landslide etc.

Raja Shani

There will be a positive change in justice and functioning. The production of cereals will be excellent at some places and medium at some places. There will be a change in monetary policy. In some places, inflation will increase. Urad, coal, wood, iron, cloth, steel will be expensive.

minister master

World famous prophet and horoscope analyst Dr. Anish Vyas told that the condition of rain will be good. The country will receive about 88 percent rainfall. Barring a few places, there will be abundant production of paddy in the rest of the agricultural area. India’s dominance in the world will increase.

Dhanyesh Shukra

The people will be happy with the production of paddy in abundance. There will be a decrease in the production of milk and ghee. Due to this, there will be a situation of fluctuation in the prices of milk products.

Meghesh Budh

World famous forecaster and horoscope analyst Dr. Anish Vyas said that there will be 88 percent rain in the country. There will be abundant yield of other crops including wheat. Public interest in religious work will increase. In many situations the people will feel at peace. For scholars, this time will be a factor of progress and happiness.

Rajesh Chandra

There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace all around due to good rain. Common people will enjoy the pleasures of material things.


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