History : Today’s History (To be published July 1)

New Delhi : The major events of July 01 in India and world history are as follows:-

1903 – Beginning of the first Tour de France cycling race.
1907 – The first female parliamentarian in the world was elected in Finland.
1908 – The SOS was adopted as an international distress signal.
1916 – 19,000 British soldiers are killed and 40,000 wounded on the first day of the Battle of the Somme in World War I.
1922 – The Great Railroad Strike begins in America.
1923 – The Canadian Parliament suspends all Chinese immigration.
1927 – Birth of Chandra Shekhar, the ninth Prime Minister of India.
1931 – Beginning of United Airlines service as Boeing Air Transport.
1932 – Formation of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
1942 – The Australian federal government abolishes the state income tax.
1947 – The Philippine Air Force was established.
1948- Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam) inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan, the central bank of Pakistan.
1958 – The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation added microwave television broadcasting throughout Canada.
1960 – Somalia gained independence.
1963 – The United States introduces ZIP codes for mail.
1968 – The Phoenix Program of the US Central Intelligence Agency is officially established.
1984 – PG-13 rating introduced by MPAA.
1987 – WFAN, an American radio station in New York City, is launched as the world’s first all-sports radio station.
1990 – East Germany accepts the Deutsche Mark as its currency, thus uniting the economies of East and West Germany.
1991 – Cold War: The Warsaw Pact is officially dissolved at a meeting in Prague.
2006 – The first operation of the Qighai-Tibet Railway in China begins.
2007 – Smoking is banned in England in all public indoor spaces.
2008 – A riot erupts in Mongolia in response to allegations of fraud surrounding this year’s legislative elections.
2013 – Croatia becomes the 28th member of the European Union.
2016 – Latvia becomes the 35th member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


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