How has been the performance of Team India in the ‘Boxing Day’ test?

Team India: The first Test match between India (IND) and South Africa (SA) will start from Sunday. This series is going to be very special for Team India in many ways. The Indian team has not won a single Test series on South African soil so far, so Indian players will try to do this feat. The first match to be played between the two teams is starting on ‘Boxing Day’. Telling you what you mean by Boxing Day Test and what is the record of Team India against South Africa in this.

What is the meaning of ‘Boxing Day’?

Whenever this word comes in front of people, then everyone tries to know its meaning. Actually, the day that comes after Christmas Day i.e. 25th December is called Boxing Day in many countries. During the Christmas festival, many people go to church and put some gifts in the box for the needy people, which are later passed on to the needy people. That’s why this day is called Boxing Day. Apart from this, different stories are prevalent about this day.

Team India’s record in ‘Boxing Day’ matches is ‘poor’

A total of 5 Boxing Day Tests have been played between India and South Africa, in which South Africa has been completely dominated. Team India had to face defeat in 4 out of 5 matches, while the team won in one match. If seen from this point of view, South Africa’s frost is heavy. But seeing the way Team India has been performing for some time, it can be said that the team is capable of winning the Test series.


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