How to Travel from Door to Hell in Turkmenistan

Camp out in the desert for Turkmenistan’s most famous view, Darwaza Gas Crater, aka “The Door to Hell.” Although blogs aimed at viral success have drenched in the fire of exaggeration, the fact is, it’s still a wonderful place to be.

At night, in an empty desert, with only stars for company, red light emerges only a short distance from the ground, offering a distant thunder crater. Like a volcano, shooting flames and fireballs into its deep hole, the crater must be seen at night for full effect. In the morning, wake up to a desert sunrise.

The Turkmen government neglected the gas crater for a long time, mistaking it for a bad name for the country, however, it has now embraced the crater’s fame. As a first step, a boundary wall has been erected.

How to get there

Note: If you arrived directly from Boredpanda or Daily Mail and don’t know anything about Turkmenistan yet, check the visa section before booking a flight.

Darwaza, the former village (it was demolished in 2004) is located halfway between Ashgabat and Dashoguz, close to the crater, and fits well into a transit visa itinerary between Iran and Uzbekistan. It is a 3-hour drive from Ashgabat and a 5-hour drive from Dashoguz.


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