If you also have dandruff problem then definitely read this news

Girls keep getting worried about their hair problem. There are many such problems in the hair like dandruff, split hair, damaged hair, non-growth of hair, etc., due to which girls remain worried.

To fix these problems, girls use products available in the market which damage the hair. That’s why we have brought you some home remedies by which you can solve your hair problems.

apply curd

You can apply curd on your hair. Apply curd on your hair for half an hour. It contains lactic acid which is beneficial for your hair. It does not cause dandruff problem.

apply lemon juice

You can apply lemon juice in the hair, it contains vitamin-C which is beneficial for your hair. You should apply some oil mixed with lemon juice. Which is beneficial for your words.

coconut oil

Coconut oil is beneficial for hair, it does not cause dandruff problem. You should do coconut oil massage.


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