If you like to drink more than eating in summer, do not feel like eating bananas, then make chocolate by making chocolate like this, this is an easy recipe?

Lifestyle Desk. I like to drink beverages in summer. But beverages should also be healthy according to health. In summer, if you do not like to eat banana plain then you can eat banana in the form of milk shake. If you feel like drinking a cold drink during the summer season, you can try chocolate making milkshake. Making this dish at home is not difficult at all.

So let’s know today how to make chocolate making milk shake …


2 bananas 1/4 cup chocolate
2 tsp chocolate syrup
2 cups milk 1 tsp
Honey 4-6 Almonds
2-4 cashews

Method of making

1. Take a grinder jar first.

2. Add chocolate, banana, milk, chocolate syrup, almonds and cashews to it and make a shake.

3. Remove the shake in a glass and add honey to it.

4. Chocolate-making milkshake is ready.


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