IND Vs AUS: Tim Paine embarrassed at his behavior, apologized to Team India

IND Vs AUS: Australia captain Tim Paine has suffered criticism since the Sydney Test against India. Tim Paine not only missed three important catches on the last day, but he was also caught sledding with Ashwin. Tim Paine has apologized for his behavior. Penn says that he has made a huge mistake and his leadership has never been like this.

Penn admitted that his leadership during the Sydney Test was very poor. Penn said, “My leadership was very disappointing. I let the pressure of the match dominate myself and that is why my performance deteriorated. It was the worst match for me as a leader.

Penn believes that because of him, the Australian team could not play as expected on the last day. The Australian captain said, “I brought my team down. I am also human and I apologize for my mistake. ”

Misbehaved with the umpire as well

There has been a lot of controversy over the sledging done by Ash of Penn. Penn said, “I have spoken to Ashwin. I have told Ashwin that the whole matter was stupid. I opened my mouth and left the catch.

Let me tell you that Penn used abusive words against Ashwin during sledging and his action was captured in the mike on the stumps. Ashwin responded to Penn and said that I will end your Test career when I come to India.

Australian captain Tim Paine’s behavior against the umpire was also not right in this match. Penn had to lose 15 per cent of his match fees for disagreeing with the umpire’s decision.

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