Instagram: 5 Funky Veggie Recipes to Grow Your Community

The Instagram counter has just exceeded 85,500 followers. For Funky Veggie, the good news doesn’t come so much in the size of its community as in its commitment. ” This indicator, based on comments, shares and likes, generally hovers around 1% for a brand. With us, it reaches 3% “, welcomes Camille Azoulai, co-founder of the vegan brand. In 2020, the brand gained 25,000 subscribers, placing itself among the top French food brands on Instagram. The recipe for success ? Have made your account a thread carrying its ecological commitment without sacrificing good humor and gluttony.

# 1. Talk about your world, not yourself

Until 2020, we never invested in paid social media advertising. We are not here to push our products for free but to support consumers towards a natural plant-based diet for pleasure and gluttony “. On its Instagram account, the start-up thus shares recipes including or not its products.

# 2. Be transparent

We have the will to constantly improve and follow the strategy of small steps. Initially, we couldn’t do organic because it was not profitable. We have chosen transparency and pedagogy », Says Camille Azoulai. In 2019, the brand is switching to organic. It does not increase its prices but gains sympathy capital. Next step: “made in France”. ” We had a range made in Germany. We come from the relocate to France
, congratulates the entrepreneur. Once we move forward on an issue such as organic or made in France, it becomes a prerequisite for any new development. “.

# 3. Be authentic

The brand does not hesitate to stage the “Funky team”, like its communications manager recently posted feasting on a slice of bread covered with the homemade Phew spread. ” We talk on social media like we talk to each other. We embody our brand and our community is sensitive to it She continues. Every two days, without fail, at 7 p.m., the brand posts on the social network. ” It is essential to have an appointment with a Conducting line. “Part of the visuals, very polished, are made in-house, the other by an independent photographer.

– Funky Veggie

# 4. Focus on open innovation

The brand cultivates co-innovation with its community. It organizes, via social networks, surveys to decide on a recipe or on a packaging. ” Giving a voice to the community is essential because it is part of the adventure. We are in the process of raising funds in which she can take, for 100 euros, a share in the company. More than three hundred consumers have subscribed to this approach for an amount of 500,000 euros “.

# 5. Become a media brand

Camille Azoulai launched a podcast in May 2020. ” The idea is toembody the brand, put a voice behind the products and interview people who are changing the world at their level. »Inspire, offer concrete advice to snowball and promote an eco-friendly and relaxed lifestyle, this is the philosophy of Funky Veggie. A message that the company intends to disseminate more widely this year through advertisements at points of sale and in the media.

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