Instant System raises 8 million to simplify access to urban mobility

Deploy in Europe before conquering North America: these are the ambitions of Instant System, which has just raised 8 million euros from Paris Fonds Vert, managed by Demeter, and Opera Tech Ventures (BNP Paribas) . This company has sixty clients, including STIB, in Brussels, and Ile-de-France Mobilités, the organizing authority for transport in the Ile-de-France region. For these public operators, the company, located in Sophia Antipolis, designs applications that allow users, for a given route, to choose different mobility solutions: train, metro, bus, VTC, taxi, scooter, scooter, carpooling …

By analogy with SaaS (“Software as a Service”), its field of activity is that of MaaS (“Mobility as a Service”), which allows “To bring out more virtuous mobility solutions and, by combination, more efficient in terms of time”, explains the president and co-founder, Yann Hervouët. “We offer a service with a single mobility account, a single payment, a single invoice and, with that, the user can unlock a scooter, book a taxi, pay for all his mobility services”, he explains, speaking of a “Radical simplification”.

Transport operators and companies

Soon, Lyon and Marseille will offer their users an application made in Sophia. Instant System, which competes with Cityway (a subsidiary of Transdev) or Trafi, works for several French regions and for the operators Keolis and RATP Dev, totaling 2.2 million users. “Cities must take hold of these mobility issues because, otherwise, Google or Uber will do it, but in a commercial logic”, he pleads.

The fundraising will also allow the company to dig, in parallel with its activity with public operators, the trail of Maas Corporate. Instant System is committed to helping companies that convert to the Sustainable Mobility Package (FMD), a system introduced by the mobility policy law, to manage all the travel of their employees. The company, which achieves a turnover of 4.3 million euros, will market its first own-brand product this year and decline it as a white label with partners such as Arval, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas.


Creation date : 2013
President : Yann Hervouët
Amount of fundraising: 8 million euros
Turnover : 4.3 million euros
Effective : 75 people
Sector: Urban mobility

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