Interesting: Now the postmortem will be done in the night too

New Delhi: The central government is going to allow post-mortem to be conducted after sunset in a hospital with proper infrastructure. However, post-mortem will not be conducted in cases of murder, suicide, rape, mutilated bodies and suspected dishonesty. This information was given on Monday, it is said that the target should be to insist on post-mortem for organ donation even after sunset even if adequate infrastructure is available.

It has been observed that the matter for conducting the sunset postmortem was recently processed by a technical committee of Directorate General of Health Services under the Union Health Ministry. It was discussed in the middle of the meeting that some institutions are doing postmortem in the night itself. According to an official source, considering the rapid progress and improvement in technology, it is possible to conduct night time postmortem in the hospital, especially the availability of necessary lighting and infrastructure for the postmortem.

Where it is also being said that the discussion was in favor of allowing post-mortem to be conducted in a hospital with proper infrastructure. Among other things, the fitness and adequacy of the infrastructure will be assessed by the in-charge of the hospital to ensure that there is no shortfall in the evidence value. Further, cases under the category of murder, suicide, rape, mutilated body and suspected dishonesty should not be kept for postmortem at night unless there is a law and order situation. Also, the video recording of the postmortem will be done overnight to remove any doubts and will be preserved for future reference for legal purposes.


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