Joint pain is also a symptom of blood cancer! be careful now

You all must know about cancer. It is a deadly disease that has taken many lives till now. If this disease is not detected early, then till it is not detected, it becomes a challenge to prevent it. Actually, after a person has cancer, some early symptoms start showing and these symptoms should always be taken seriously. However, many times people do not take them seriously and avoid it, which later becomes dangerous.

If we talk about blood cancer, then there is no age limit for its occurrence. It is said that it can happen at any age. On the other hand, according to experts, when there is blood cancer, the cells in the person’s body do not allow blood to form, due to which the person starts losing blood. Let us tell you that there are many other symptoms of blood cancer, ignoring which you can die. Today we are going to tell about this.

Types of Blood Cancer- According to experts, there are three types of blood cancer. This includes leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. Blood cancer can occur from children to adults. At the same time, the chances of getting this disease after 30 years are more.

What are the symptoms- Its symptoms include persistent pain in bones and joints, bleeding in the mouth, nose or during defecation, fever, night sweats and dizziness, frequent infections and loss of body weight. If these symptoms are showing then it may be a sign of blood cancer, not heart disease. Apart from this, keep in mind that in the beginning of blood cancer, many types of problems start in the patient’s mouth, throat, skin and lungs. If blood cancer has entered the patient’s body, there is often fever and pain in the bones, muscles start feeling.

What is the treatment – There are many types of blood cancer. The treatment of cancer always depends on its type. Let us tell you that chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy and stem cell transplant therapy are given in the treatment of cancer. Apart from this, let us also tell you that if you have blood cancer, then it can also be detected with a simple blood test. On the other hand, a normal blood picture is checked to check for cancer and if blood cancer is confirmed in this test, then it is said to be 100% curable.


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