Kevin Pietersen expressed concern over India’s conditions, tweeting ‘this time will pass you all be careful’

India is currently facing such a beating of Corona, seeing that not only the people of India are scared but foreigners are also worried about the situation of India. People from different countries of the world are praying for safety in India. The second wave of Corona virus has set such a web of destruction in India, which is proving difficult to get out. Corona is at its peak in most of the states of the country and is swallowing hundreds of lives every day. Due to the safety of the people, the state governments have imposed a lockdown in their own state, so that the chain of Kovid can be broken. Also, the governments of all the states have appealed to the people not to leave the house without reason. At the same time, the process of vaccination is also going on continuously in the country. Meanwhile, former England captain Kevin Pietersen has tweeted and expressed concern over the situation in India and has asked people to be careful. Actually during the IPL, Peterson was part of the commentary panel.

Kevin Peterson did tweet

Former England captain Kevin Pietersen wrote on Twitter that ‘I have left India, but I am still thinking of a country that has given me a lot of love and affection, please you guys be safe, this time will pass. But you have to be careful. In this tweet by Peterson, he has mobilized people to keep them up. In fact, before the cancellation of IPL 2021, Peterson was in India. He was part of the commentary panel in the IPL.


Between In Canceled Happened IPL

The remaining matches of the IPL were suspended by the BCCI after the Corona positive reports of some cricketers during the IPL, due to which the foreign cricketers have gone back to their respective countries.

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