“Kindness brings confidence and credibility in professional relationships”

What is kindness?

It is an expression of the love that we give to the other. She is very valued when you are a child. Then, the older we get, the more we are urged to be suspicious. A few years ago, when a sales manager or a business manager told me I was nice, I was not happy. Why ? Because kindness is seen as a “little virtue”. Yet she did not hinder me. On the contrary, it has helped me deeply in my career. Obviously, if we do a work of introspection, we understand that we are often kind to buy affection, recognition, respect. But there is nothing to be ashamed of in that. Be careful, kindness can also be a refuge for excuses: ” I did not succeed because I am a good guy. You have to be a shark to be successful in the business world “.

Do we all carry this quality within us?

For me, he has no bad guys but nice resigned who feel that they have been had, that it does not “pay off”. Finally we put a lock around our heart to protect ourselves from a very rare proportion of twisted people! If you only give half of yourself, you will only get half of the other. But you have to be kind with dignity, be kind to yourself.

How is kindness an asset for an entrepreneur?

Kindness, when expressed correctly in the entrepreneurial world, generates trust. She gives credibility in professional, commercial relations. If you give 10 times more in service than the profit you generate, your customers won’t go elsewhere. They know you are acting in their best interests. Of course, you have to have intentions of kindness but with a keen sense of business. I strongly believe in Henry Ford’s sentence: ” The two most important things do not appear on the company’s balance sheet: its reputation and its people “.

What does it bring in management?

Kindness is key to being a good manager. Here again it creates confidence. An employee will never admit a mistake if they are afraid of being reprimanded. In the end, we arrive at a situation where employees behave to protect themselves and rather to ensure the interests of the company. But of course, you have to know how to stay firm!

Crises are synonymous with withdrawal. How can kindness be used in this difficult time?

Kindness allows everyone to connect to their heart. When you enter a stressful time, you enter a shell of survival. The crisis reveals the best and the worst of man. We must understand that our interlocutor reacts in a stressful situation and not judge him by his attitude. You have to put yourself in solution mode rather than reaction mode. Two attitudes are possible for the entrepreneur. The first: reinventing the service to bring added value while maintaining its margin. The second: to make efforts on the tariffs. However, you can express frustration. You have to make your interlocutor understand that you can continue to collaborate without having to sell out. It is necessary respect yourself.


“Even though I found the experience confusing at times and the words difficult to hear, I deeply believe that feedback is a great way to challenge yourself, gain height, challenge yourself and progress – to all the more so if it is delivered with kindness and kindness. And if you generously distribute kindness around you, chances are your customers will give you the same when they give you their feedback. Behind the feedback, which can be a real challenge for the company. ego, there is the pleasure of improving, the desire to strengthen your skills to become even better. Faced with benevolent and constructive criticism, I developed my self-confidence, my desire to surpass myself and I learned to cultivate a winning attitude. See your “mistakes” as an opportunity to go further, knowing how to take advantage of the wealth of skills and expertise of the people around you or your mentors keeps you in a learning logic to lead you on the path to excellence. ” Extract from the book “The good guys also deserve to succeed” by Yannick Alain, Delphine Castellani and Jérôme Hoarau, published by Editions Alisio in February 2021.

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