Kiwifab, Odavie, Picto access … start-ups serving old age

Sensors to detect an unusual walking rhythm, an application to avoid going to the emergency room, a voice assistant to centralize the communications left on all types of messaging … The crisis seems to have accelerated the emergence of high-tech solutions facilitating the management of the great age. ” Whether it be for the elderly, caregivers or professionals, both at home and in institutions, technology opens up the possibilities », Confirms Vincent Augusto, director of the engineering and health center of the Saint-Etienne mining school.

And this teacher-researcher to explain that “ industrial engineering, artificial intelligence or even data analysis make it possible to intervene at all levels, to improve patient comfort as well as to absorb part of the workload of support staff “.

Ki-Di a smart and connected distributor

In addition to the diversity of fields of action, these innovations seem to be infinitely adaptable. ” If the tool is well thought out, we now have all the means to develop it and to add new digital services to it. “, valued Francois Fauritte, president of Kiwifab, a start-up founded in Lyon in 2018 which, after going through the Pfizer hub, has set up its headquarters in Ile-de-France.

Specialized in securing the taking of drugs, the young shoot has developed Ki-Di, an intelligent and connected distributor. ” To avoid manual manufacturing, the pharmacist prepares bottles of capsules and tablets which are inserted into Ki-Di and dispensed at the right time, as would a Nespresso machine. », Explains François Fauritte.

Collaborative interface and “escape game”

Another example of a solution born on technological soil, Odalink is a collaborative interface bringing together information from institutions, social landlords, hospitals, etc. ” This allows relatives of a dependent person to access existing services close to home. », Details Christine Appelli, development manager ofOdavie, the company behind this platform. Based in Magny-les-Hameaux, in Yvelines, this personal assistance guidance company has also developed an “escape game” to make seniors aware of the challenges of adapting housing.

Still, the life of the elderly must also be organized outside the walls. So, Picto Access, publisher of digital solutions dedicated to vulnerable audiences, founded in Lille in 2015, has launched a solution for enhancing accessibility data. “ We want to make this information as visible as the address and opening hours », Indicates Justin Marquant, the president and founder, who has around a hundred clients, or 7,000 sites (bank branches, company headquarters, swimming pools, cultural venues, etc.), and who has established collaborations with Google and Facebook.

The advantage of technology is that it can disperse information wherever it is needed, to offer everyone the same ease of travel “, He said, adding, nevertheless, that” each technological innovation begins with awareness, and therefore social innovation “.

The silver economy, a booming sector

At a time when nearly 90% of seniors want to age at home, the silver economy is a promising sector, on which a number of start-ups are embarking. The more so as the precision of demographic science makes it possible to know in advance the number of people weakened by age in the coming years. And more and more public money subsidies are directed towards this sector.
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