Know, how much prize money will be given to the winning team in the WTC Final to be played between India and New Zealand

WTC Final: The ICC has announced that the winner of the India vs New Zealand World Test Championship (WTC) final will receive USD 1.6 million (i.e. around Rs 12 crore) as well as the Test Championship mace. While the losing team will get 800,000 US dollars (about Rs 6 crore). If the match is a draw, the total prize money of USD 2.4 million will be split between the two teams. In such a situation, India-New Zealand teams will get prize money of about Rs 8.78 crore.

This will be the first time that this format of the game will have official world champions. ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardyce said during an interaction with members of the media that it (WTC) has become a symbol of the best team in Test cricket and with the Test Championship now being used to identify the best team in Test cricket. Used to be.

The ICC said in a statement that the Test mace, which was previously given to the top teams in the Test team rankings every year, will henceforth be given to the WTC winners. In the event of a draw or tie, both teams will share possession of the Test Championship mace while India and New Zealand remain champions.

According to Cricinfo, Australia, who finished third in the points table, will be given a prize money of Rs 3.3 crore, England who finished fourth, 25 million and Pakistan who finished fifth will be given a prize money of Rs 1.5 crore. While the remaining teams that were part of the competition – West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh each will get Rs 73-73 lakh. The final between India and New Zealand will be played in Southampton from 18 to 22 June. There will be a reserve day on 23 June.


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