Know why Amazon is fined 90000 euros every day in France, you also know …

New Delhi. French authorities on Wednesday fined Amazon 90,000 euros (about Rs 7,476,100) per day unless it removes abusive clauses in its contracts with businesses that use its platform to sell their goods.

The anti-fraud service DGCCRF said there are “unbalanced” clauses in the online sales giant’s contracts with third-party sellers using the website.

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“The company Amazon Services Europe had fully complied with an injunction and is now fined 90,000 euros per day,” the DGCCRF said in a statement.

It also urged the platform to be in line with European regulations on equity and transparency for firms using the online platform. Amazon said that this order would harm consumers.

“Changes imposed by the DGCCRF will prevent us from effectively protecting consumers and allow bad actors to set exorbitant prices or spam our customers with commercial offers,” it said.

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Amazon said the clauses the DGCCRF ordered to remove, for example, “prevented the appearance of exorbitant prices for masks and hydrochloric gel during the pandemic”.

In 2019, Amazon was fined EUR 4 million (approximately Rs 33.23298 crore) for “apparently unsubstantiated” contract clauses with third-party sellers on its site in a case brought by the DGCCRF.

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