Let the ideas come to you, walk!

Jean-Jacques Rousseau told us in his Confessions: “Never have I thought so much, existed so much, lived so much, so much I if I dare say so, than in the trips I made alone and in foot. ”

Walking was the tool of the ancients to help them digest well after the meal and to clarify their ideas. It is also interesting to observe their posture, hands tied behind their backs, at the level of the kidneys, place of wisdom and knowledge in the Taoist tradition (Ming Men). We go for a walk with a question and we come back with answers.

Walking is a moment of coming back to oneself. Fingers are freed from objects and screens, keyboards and images. Walking opens up to free thought, to the seeming emptiness that allows fullness. Walking makes it possible to empty the cup of thought the better to fill it.

Let the ideas flow

So and as often as you can, with or without a dog, go for a walk, in the great outdoors if possible, after meals and adopt either of the following two protocols.

# 1. Ask yourself a question (How can I get more time to do what I have to do, for example) and let the answers come quietly and unconstrainedly. Release your mental hold, let your ideas slip away and wander, and follow whichever you think is right, much like a kite following the wind.

Without clinging to it, let come all the feelings and ideas that come to you since one idea leads to another, then another, etc. The brain works by association. Let him do it.

# 2. If you have more time or are not looking for a precise answer, you can also walk in a contemplative way, wandering your nose in the wind just looking at the landscape, admiring the surprising perfection of nature. Without realizing it and while you are not looking for anything, you are resourceful.

From time to time, there may also be the answer to a question that arises in the present moment (your digital strategy, your marital relationship, your next professional trip, the visit to your sick father, etc.). As it is said in the tradition: one finds when one does not seek any more. Aware of the phenomenon, then let the lightning come and write it down carefully. See how you could best use this information. When you return from your walk or during it, explore the implementation of this solution: feasibility, deadlines, modalities …

Then you will join the intuitive wisdom of the ancients.

Laurent Chateau, author of “Practical manual of the Taoist leader”.
– DR


Laurent Chateau is a speaker, consultant and trainer. Member of a Taoist school, he is also a teacher of traditional Qigong. This text is taken from his book “Practical Manual of the Taoist Leader. 81 tips and tools to govern your life, your team, your organization ”published by EMS editions, 276 pages, 27 euros.

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