Ligue 1: the employees of the Téléfoot channel observe a minute of silence on the air in the face of Mediapro’s “contempt”

A minute of silence to pay tribute to the sinking boat. Téléfoot employees observed a minute of silence on the air on Wednesday, December 23 at the Ligue 1 multiplex to show their anger against their employer Mediapro. Justice validated Tuesday le withdrawal of the broadcaster, decision terminating to a conciliation procedure started more than two months ago, when the broadcaster, new to the French market, had indicated that he wanted to renegotiate his contract downwards.

“We will mark a minute of silence, only one minute for this evening, in the face of contempt and the deafening silence of the conciliator (Marc Sénéchal) who obviously has a very particular notion of conciliation, and of our employer” Mediapro, said presenter Thibault Le Rol just before the start of the first matches, at 7 p.m.

In a text read on the air, the journalist said he spoke on behalf of the editorial staff and the employees of Téléfoot, a total of 400 people mobilized to ensure the coverage and production of this multiplex on the 17th day of L1. “Four hundred people who like me feel a little bit right now, this season, to be the joke turkeys, or rather the members of the Titanic Orchestra, those who keep playing until It is flowing. It is on their behalf that I am speaking this evening and that I thank them for their professionalism in this very special context, but also for their dignity “, he said. This initiative was followed by complete silence for a minute on the channel’s microphones, while five meetings began live.

Tuesday, at the end of the conciliation led by Marc Sénéchal, the justice approved an agreement recording the withdrawal of Mediapro from the French market and the restitution of the TV rights of the L1 and L2 to the Professional Football League (LFP), awarded to the passage of compensation of 100 million euros. This agreement seals the imminent end of Téléfoot, just four months after its launch in August. The channel must nevertheless continue to provide coverage of the matches until the arrival of a new broadcaster, the interim may last until January 31, 2021.

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