Lion Safari can open for tourists with Deepawali

Etawah. A lion safari set in Beedo, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, can fulfill the dream of visiting the lions of tourists in Diwali. Etawah Safari Park Deputy Director Suresh Chandra Rajput told Univarta on Tuesday that Lion is trying to open the Safari till Diwali. Hopefully it will get complete success. The purpose of tourists coming here will also be fulfilled.

Mr. Rajput informed that preparations to open Lion Safari are in the final stage. Finishing work is going on in Lion Safari, which is expected to be completed in the next eight to 10 days. The lions will then be released into the safari area. They told that these lions have been living in a closed place for a long time. After leaving these lions in the open, their behavior will be monitored as to how they are behaving after coming out in the open.
He said that all the lions and lionesses and cubs have not been kept in the open environment so far. Their visits to the Breeding Center, Animal House and enclosure have been the limit. The administration will accuse Shiba and Sultan of being in an open safari environment before imparting sight to the tourists.

Shri Rajput told that in this process lasting 10-15 days, it will be seen where they go and how they get up and sit. They will have vehicles to pass. So that he can remain in normal state when the tourists arrive. It will also be ensured that he returns to his animal house everyday. Their food will be arranged in the Animal House. The permission of the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) is necessary for the lion safari to be opened to tourists.

He told that the people of the Safari administration would go around the Chero by vehicles and see how the lions are behaving after seeing humans and vehicles after coming out in the open. This work will also take eight to 10 days and when the administration is satisfied that after coming out in the open and seeing the humans and vehicles behaving in a balanced manner, then Lion Safari will be opened to the audience. (Agency)


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