Love with feeble! Even after the death of the pet dog, the person could not forget his memories, got the statue built

Meanwhile, another case has come to the fore in which you have seen and read many reports of attachment to animals. But you will be surprised to hear the story of a man from Andhra Pradesh for his pet dog. Actually here a person worships his dog by making an idol of his ear. Along with that person all the family members also worship the dog.

Let us tell you that Sunkara Janana Prakash Rao lives in Ampapuram village of Krishna city of Andhra Pradesh. He has made an idol of his pet dog and worshiped him and remembered the devotees. His dog died five years ago and he has built a statue in his memory. His dog stayed with him for about 9 years and became like a member of the family. His memories will always be fresh in the hearts of the family and those around him.

The same Sunkra Jana Prakash Rao installed the idol of his pet dog on Thursday. Actually, he had decided to install the idol on the fifth death anniversary. For this he organized a big event. The entire village including the family attended the ceremony and the dog idol was installed with great pomp. Talking to reporters in New Delhi, the dog’s owner Sunkar Janana Prakash Rao said that after living with the family for almost 9 years, the dog became the father of all people. He was very close to all the people and we all loved him very much.


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