LPG Cylinder Price: Increased prices of LPG cylinders, know the new prices

New Delhi. Oil companies have increased the price of LPG cylinders. Oil companies announced this on Thursday. He informed that the price of LPG cylinder has been increased by Rs 25.50. The new price has become effective from Thursday. The price of a 14.2 kg domestic cylinder in Delhi will now be Rs 834.50. The revised rate will be applicable from July 1. The cost of a domestic LPG tank in Mumbai will be Rs 834.50. In Kolkata, people will have to pay Rs 835.50 for a domestic cylinder. Its price in Chennai will be Rs 850.50. Oil companies have also increased the price of commercial cylinders by Rs 84. The hike in LPG comes at a time when petrol and diesel rates are touching record highs across the country.

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Especially in the last six months, the prices of LPG have increased by Rs 140 per 14.2 kg cylinder. LPG is available across the country at only one rate, market price. However, the government gives a small subsidy to select customers. This subsidy has been eliminated in metros and major cities through frequent price increases over the years.

LPG prices were first hiked by Rs 25 per cylinder on February 4, followed by Rs 50 per cylinder on February 15 and Rs 25 on February 25 and March 1.

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