March: gusts of wind heard for the first time by the human ear

Wind squalls were recorded on the red planet, Monday, February 22, by the robot Perseverance. These sounds had never been heard by human beings until now. “What you have just heard is the blowing of the wind on the surface of Mars, captured by the microphone and sent back to earth“says Dave Gruel, Perseverance’s head of cameras, who works at NASA.

The robot traveled for seven months in a capsule. His landing was prepared down to the second. An on-board camera for the occasion shows the deployment of a parachute, to slow down the capsule launched at 20,000 km / h. We then observe the detachment of a heat shield which protected said capsule on the approach to Mars. Finally, Perseverance was extracted from the capsule and placed on the ground by a propellant harness. Extremely precise steps so that the scientists are certain of the success of the adventure.

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