Mars: for the first time, the Perseverance robot has picked up sound on the red planet

Monday February 22 marks a historic day. For the first time, in addition to having broadcast images on Mars, NASA also made it possible to listen to sound on the red planet. The operation was made possible by microphones on the Perseverance robot. “The purpose of the microphone itself is to listen to the Martian wind, to analyze it and, above all, when we shoot with a laser to do this vaporization on the rock, there is a noise. It gives an idea of ​​its sound. hardness. The sound of the vehicle will also be heard. It will provide technical information “, deciphered Michel Viso, scientist at the National Center for Space Studies (CNES).

New images and sound clips could follow again in the coming days, notably with Ingenuity, a “helicopter drone”. “It’s kind of a crazy bet. The idea was to try and get it to fit on the Perseverance rover. It weighs about 1.8 kg and will rise up to five meters high. It will fly a few meters then from 50 to 100. But it has an autonomy of 90 seconds, it’s not that much “, concludes Michel Viso.

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