Modi asked the family of wrestler Vinesh Phogat, ‘Which millet flour do you feed your daughters’

Tokyo Olympics 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday held discussions with some athletes going to take part in the Tokyo Olympics. During this, the PM asked many questions to all the players. During the conversation with the wrestler Vinesh Phogat, the PM asked such a question to his family, hearing which Vinesh Phogat and his family started laughing. Let us know what PM Modi asked and what Vinesh’s family replied on this.

PM Modi asked this question to Vinesh
The PM said that the Phogat family has always contributed a lot to sports, so everyone has high hopes from you. On this Vinesh Phogat said, “We would like that the whole country is expecting medals from us, we should not disappoint them and win medals every day for the country.” PM Modi said that it is expected that you will win a medal for the country this time.

Modi asked this question to the Phogat family
PM Modi told Vinesh Phogat’s father, “My question for you is a little different. When someone is fit and healthy, people in the country say which mill’s flour do you eat. So who should Phogat family give to their daughters? Si feeds the mill flour. What mantra are you sending Vinesh to Tokyo?”

Vinesh’s father gave this answer
On this question Vinesh’s father said, “We eat the flour of our village and home mill. We keep cows and buffaloes. We have fed milk, curd and ghee to it. Last time I told Vinesh that if you are If you bring a medal in the Olympics, I will come to pick you up at the airport. However, due to injury, she could not participate in the Rio Olympics. This time it is expected that my daughter will bring a medal for the country.”

Full hope of medal from Vinesh this time
Vinesh Phogat could not participate in the Rio Olympics due to injury, but since then she has performed brilliantly in many tournaments. This time everyone hopes that she will come by winning medals for the country. PM Modi also expressed hope that Vinesh will perform better this time. Vinesh Phogat’s father taught him to do wrestling. Many people of his family have illuminated the name of India at the world level.

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