Modi launches Gati Shakti plan to boost infrastructure

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 13

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched Rs 100 lakh crore Gati Shakti National Master Plan to boost Indian infrastructure and multi-modal connectivity over the next 25 years and reduce logistics cost for improved global competitiveness.

Noting that taxpayers’ money was wasted in the past by way of delayed projects and lack of inter-departmental coordination, the PM said the government was now nurturing a work culture of completing projects “in time and ahead of time by bringing departments together”.

“Over the years, the signage — work in progress — became a symbol of distrust in the government. Today 21st century India is leaving behind old practices. The Gati Shakti Plan will give impetus to 21st century India and remove obstacles from its path,” the PM said.

He said the subject of infrastructure was not even visible in political party manifestos.

“Today some parties are criticizing the development of infrastructure necessary for the development of the country even though it is globally accepted that building quality infrastructure is the only route to sustainable development which also boosts economic activity and creates large-scale jobs,” the PM said , adding that India was today working at a much faster speed than ever.

Citing a study showing logistics cost in India at 13 per cent of the GDP, the PM said the plan would reduce these costs and lay the foundation for a self-reliant India over the next 25 years. He said people, industry, manufacturers and farmers were at the heart of the plan, which would bring government departments on one platform, enhancing efficiency.

“Gaps between macro planning and micro implementation, lack of coordination between departments and advance information to the industry, an approach of working in silos were all hampering infrastructure development and leading to budget wastage. Such an approach dissipated energies instead of harnessing them. The new plan will change this and lead to optimum utilization of resources,” the PM said.

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