Mohammad Shami praised Rohit Sharma, that’s why captain of bowlers

Rohit Sharma is known not only as a batsman but also the most successful captain in the history of IPL. Mohammed Shami, Rohit Sharma’s teammate in Team India, is the captain of the captain of the star player. Mohammed Shami has praised Rohit Sharma, saying that he allows bowlers to bowl freely.

Shami says that there is always positiveness in Rohit’s advice. Shami said, "As a bowler, whenever I go to him for advice, he always gives positive answers. Rohit always tells the bowler to do what his mind says."

Shami has said that the kind of advice Rohit Sharma gives helps in boosting confidence. Please tell that Mohammed Shami has recently returned to the field through the IPL after being injured on the tour of Australia. & Nbsp;

Kohli was described as an aggressive player

Shami has described Rohit Sharma as very cool. Shami, however, described Virat Kohli as an aggressive captain. The star fast bowler said, “Fast bowlers are usually aggressive but there is one player who is more aggressive, he is our captain. After celebrating the fall of the wicket, I saw the picture of Kohli on social media and I jokingly asked him whether I had taken this wicket or you."

Let me tell you that the captaincy of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli has been compared for the last few years. In view of Rohit Sharma’s impressive record in the IPL, many former cricketers have advocated him to be captain in limited overs. & Nbsp;

Speaking of Mohammed Shami, the star player has been selected for the World Test Championship final to be held in England. Shami will also be a part of the five-match Test series to be played on the England tour.

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