raises 15 million for the mental health of employees

Mental health is no longer a taboo. The Belgian artist Stromae expressed his unease in a song which was a great success (“ Hell”), sportswomen Simone Biles (gymnastics) and Naomi Osaka (tennis) have addressed the subject in public to justify their underperformance. And companies, which have long ignored the subject, how to take an interest in it.

The latter can count on, one of the pioneer start-ups in the sector in France, to support them. Founded by Pierre-Etienne Bidon and Guillaume d’Ayguesvives, has developed a solution that helps companies of all sizes to better manage the mental health of their employees.

The start-up works closely with the human resources departments of companies. It identifies their needs, then implements action plans (training for managers, brainstorming workshops, etc.) It also offers employees who request it to consult a practitioner of their choice (psychologist, coach, etc.) , in complete confidentiality.

Defuse crisis situations

In general, an employee can have access to four sessions paid for by the employer. “The idea is for the company to finance the first steps”, underlines Guillaume d’Ayguesvives. Employees also have access to an app that offers specialized content (articles, podcasts) or allows them to carry out tests. “At, they have a very human and personalized approach”, praises Pauline Boët, social & societal senior lead at ManoMano.

The objective of is to help employees take care of themselves on a daily basis and to defuse situations that can lead to crises (burn-out, long stoppage, etc.) “Three quarters of users feel better, even much better, after having benefited from the support of”, affirms Guillaume d’Ayguesvives.

The young shoot has signed contracts with a hundred companies, including Qonto, Spendesk, ManoMano, JobTeaser, L’Oréal or Engie. Unlike a mutual, the price paid by the customer is correlated to his use of the services of the start-up.

In 2021, had raised 2.5 million euros in seed. To pursue its development, the company has just raised 15 million euros from Left Lane Capital, Singular and football world champions Blaise Matuidi (via the Origins fund) and Antoine Griezmann.

Renowned business angels

A nice communication shot, but not only. “Athletes help us to destigmatize mental health”, rejoices Guillaume d’Ayguesvives, recalling that performance, in sport as in business, is closely linked to mental well-being. These renowned business angels will also be able to help the start-up win contracts in the world of sport, even if ​ wants to remain generalist.

Thanks to its new resources, the start-up intends to offer an even more personalized approach. Mental health covers different pathologies (anxiety, stress, impostor syndrome, bipolar and eating disorders, addictions to screens, tobacco, alcohol, etc.) and which can reach varying degrees.

Mocha. care competes in this market with Alan, who has made mental health a strategic development focus, MindDay, Teale and Supermood. In France, nearly 13 million people are affected by mental health problems.

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