Monu Goyat fixed the defeat of Warriors by taking 7 points in a single raid, completed Super 10 Raid

Pro Kabaddi league Season 8, Patna Pirates vs Bengal Warriors: Patna Pirates defeated Bengal Warriors 44-30 in the 24th match of Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 played at Sheraton Grand Whitefield on Friday. Patna’s team made 14 successful tackles in this match. With this victory, Patna Pirates has reached the second place. Monu Goyat scored 15 points in this match with a 7-point Super Raid, while Maninder Singh scored 12 points. Amit Nirwal completed his high-5. In the first half, Patna’s team was trailing by 5 points, but in the second half, the tsunami of pirates made Bengal Warriors far behind. This is the third win of the season for Patna Pirates and now they have 16 points after 4 matches.

Pirates of Patna backward in the first half

Three-time Pro Kabaddi League champion Patna Pirates won the toss and Bengal Warriors captain Maninder Singh made the first raid by Rishank Devadiga. However, Maninder Singh took the first point of the match and Patna’s account was opened by Sachin Tanwar. After this, the struggle between Patna’s defense and Warriors Raid continued. There was an equal competition between the two teams. In the 12th minute, Warriors got Patna all out and strengthened their lead. One mistake put Patna Pirates behind by 5 points. At the end of the first half, the score was 21-16 in favor of Bengal Warriors. Maninder Singh completed his Super 10 in the first half, then Sachin Tanwar and Monu Goyat together got a total of 10 raid points for Patna Pirates. Warriors star raider Rishand Devadiga got a chance to play early in today’s match but he could not impress in the first half.

Monu Goyat’s tsunami decided Bengal’s defeat

In the second half, Warriors initially added some points to their account but Patna’s defense again did wonders and reduced Bengal’s lead by dismissing Rishank. Monu Goyat completed his 500th raid point by taking two points in a single raid. After this, the Pirates raised their score to 21 by tackling Maninder. Patna, which had strengthened its wall in the defence, further reduced Bengal’s lead by tackling Sukesh Hegde. Patna’s defense equalized the score by tackling Ravinder Kumawat. Even though Mohammadreza did not walk today, but Sunil, Sajin and Neeraj made up for his lack. Sachin Tanwar gave a brilliant raid and gave Bengal the lead in the match for the first time. In the last 10 minutes, Patna’s defense was becoming dangerous for the Warriors. Monu Goyat’s super raid was shown and almost ensured the victory of the Pirates by taking 7 points in a single raid.

At the last moment, Patna made the match one-sided.

Pirates had scored 19 points in the last five minutes and Bengal did not get any points. The team which was trailing by 5 points in the first half made a comeback in the second half and took a lead of 16 points. With three minutes left to play, Maninder Singh dismissed Mohammadreja to give Bengal a point. This was the first point for the Warriors after the Pirates’ 19 points. After this Maninder took points in some raids but he could not avoid the team’s defeat.

The team got a new star raider in the victory of Tamil Thalaivas


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