Moody’s said – If new investment is not found, then capital of Indian banks will decrease rapidly in next 2

new Delhi. In the midst of the Corona crisis, another problem has emerged. According to rating agency Moody’s, the next two years will be difficult for banks in the Asia Pacific region. During this time, their capital will fall.

The agency has said about Hindustan that if Indian banks do not get new investment from the public or private sector, then their capital will fall the fastest.

The agency believes that the uncertain quality of assets is a major challenge for banks in emerging markets. This is due to the challenging circumstances created by the Corona crisis. According to Moody’s, the scenario of banks in emerging markets for the year 2021 is negative. Conversely, it will remain stable for insurance companies.

Explain that the growing non-performing assets of banks and the fluctuating investment portfolio of insurance companies in the Asia Pacific region is a concern. According to CARE Ratings, the growth rate of banks’ loan business is expected to be moderate due to the uncertainty created by the global pandemic.

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