Mother Tarachandi fulfills every wish of the devotees

Sasaram Every wish of the devotees worshiped in the temple of Maa Tarachandi in Sasaram of Rohtas district in Bihar is fulfilled. There is a temple of Maa Tarachandi in the cave of Kaimur hill, just five kilometers from Sasaram. There are mountains, waterfalls and other water sources around this temple. This temple is one of the major Shaktipeeths of India. Devotees from far and wide come here in the desire of fulfilling their wishes. Although devotees keep coming here all over the year, but the worship of Archana in Navratri has special significance here. It is said that Mata Rani fulfills every wish of those who come here, so people also call it Siddhi Devi.

It is believed that the right eye of Mata Sati fell on this site. According to mythological belief, when Lord Shankar was wandering in the three worlds with the dead body of his wife Sati, the entire creation was horrified when Lord Vishnu broke the body of Sati from Sudarshan Chakra at the request of the gods. Wherever the block of Sati’s body fell, it was considered as Shaktipeeth. The Tarachandi temple of Sasaram is also one of the same Shaktipeeths. There is no written evidence about the temple’s antiquity, but the temple’s inscription makes it clear that it was one of the most noted power spots in the country even in the 11th century.

It is said that Maharishi Vishwamitra named this Peeth Tara. It was here that Parashuram defeated Sahastrabahu and worshiped Mother Tara. In this Shaktipeeth, mother Tarachandi appeared as a girl and it was here that she killed Chand and called Chandi. A fair is organized on this dham thrice a year, where thousands of devotees pray to the mother and ask for prayers. Here the unbroken lamp is lit when the wish is fulfilled. There is also an inscription engraved in the Brahmi script of King Pratap Dhaval Dev of Kharwar dynasty of Samvat 1229 near the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, which shows the fame and antiquity of the temple.

A one-month grand fair is also held here in Sawan. On the day of Shravani Purnima, the local people consider the Goddess as the Kuldevi of the city, and along with Chunri, arrive at the Dham in a large number of offerings. A procession is also carried out with elephant-horse and bandage. In Shardiya Navratri, about two lakh devotees reach to worship the mother. The eighth form of the mother is worshiped in Navratri. Mother Tarachandi has become a tradition of lighting unbroken lamps in the Sharadiya and Chaitra Navratras. Earlier, two or four monolithic lamps were lit, but now in few years its number has reached thousands. Shardiy
People from other states also visit the Tarachandi Dham in Navratri and Chaitra Navratri to light the lamp uninterrupted. In view of the Corona epidemic, the temple pat has currently been closed due to the safety of the devotees. The pat is opened for a while by the priest just to offer to the mother. (Agency)


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