New world. At IRCAM, researchers transform male voices into female voices (and vice versa) in real time

A voice processing software developed by IRCAM (JC / RF)

Ircam is a unique research center in the world, created at the end of the 1960s by Pierre Boulez, to conduct research on sound, in all its forms. From Ircam came many musical innovations, such as new instruments such as the augmented guitar. Currently, researchers are working in particular on the synthetic voices of the future.

franceinfo: What will the synthetic voices of the future look like?

Nathalie Birocheau, Managing Director of Ircam Amplify (IRCAM innovation marketing structure): the voices of the future will be able to be modulated according to what they have to say. For example, a robot will not speak the same if it is addressing an old person or a child, giving good news or bad news. The voice assistants of the future will not always have the same voice to address us.

IRCAM researchers transform male voices into female voices in real time and recreate famous voices of deceased people. Isn’t this the door open to “fake voices”?

The false images already exist and the false voices will appear, logically, one day or another. However, we are really not there yet. In addition, our research will allow, we hope, one day to develop “anti fake voices” applications, that is to say kinds of voice antivirus, to detect imitations.

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