Neymar on the blacklist of the Spanish tax authorities for a debt of 34 million euros

The document published by the Spanish tax authorities on Wednesday puts Neymar in an embarrassment. According to the organization, which has unveiled a list of individuals and companies that owe him money, the Brazilian striker from Paris Saint-Germain has the heaviest tax debt for an individual. Indebted as of December 31 to the tune of 34.6 million euros with the Spanish Public Treasury, Neymar presents a slate twice as large as the individual who follows him in this list.

Neymar, the Brazilian star of Paris Saint-Germain, is blacklisted by the Spanish tax authorities for a debt exceeding 34 million euros, according to an official document listing the bad payers published on Wednesday on the Spanish Treasury website.

The name of Neymar da Silva Santos Junior thus appears among thousands of others on a list of “debtors“from Spanish public finances, for an amount of 34.6 million euros, making him the individual with the most significant debt to the Spanish public treasury, according to the document consulted by AFP.

Neymar registered for the first time on this list

Last summer, the Spanish press revealed that the Spanish tax authorities claimed nearly 35 million from Neymar in a case of tax evasion from the time he was playing at FC Barcelona, ​​but the information had so far never been officially confirmed. The document entitled “list of debtors“brings together thousands of individuals and companies with a”debt greater than one million euros“according to the Spanish tax authorities, interviewed by AFP.

The Treasury, which confirmed that Neymar appeared for the first time on this blacklist, did not however specify what this debt corresponded to and if it was linked to his transfer in 2013 to Barça, but indicated that he Several criteria had to be met such as exceeding the deadline to pay the debt or even the absence of payment in December 2019 to be among these bad payers. Bad news for the Brazilian striker of PSG who is awaiting the decision of the disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League concerning a possible suspension in the case against Álvaro González following the Classic on September 13.

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