Now coming forward to save the lives of others who have defeated Corona

Gurugram: The residents of Gurugram district of Haryana, who have defeated Korona, are now helping other infected people to fight this epidemic by donating plasma. So far 338 people have come forward to donate their plasma. District Deputy Commissioner Amit Khatri said that the plasma donation drive in the district is progressing slowly and so far 338 people who have recovered from Corona have expressed their desire to donate their plasma. Now the misconceptions about plasma donation in the people are going away and they are coming forward. He said that while taking plasma, the health of the person is checked and only the person who is found to be healthy is taken plasma.

The Deputy Commissioner said that the health of all 338 people was examined, after which 202 of them were found perfectly healthy to donate plasma. 401 units of Plasma Rotary Blood Bank have been received from these 202 persons. Of this, the Rotary Blood Bank has given 397 units of plasma for the treatment of other corona infected patients. He informed that the person who donated the plasma is being honored by presenting a citation and a memento on behalf of the Rotary Club. In addition, plasma donors are also given by the Rotary Club by making a card which they can use if needed. The advantage of this is that a person can take blood from the Rotary Club free of cost for one year.

Civil surgeon Dr. Virendra Yadav said that a healthy person between the age of 18 to 60 years can donate plasma. Plasma donation can be done within 14 days after recovering from corona infection. In women, only those who can never have a mother or who have never undergone a miscarriage, can donate plasma. Any healthy male can donate plasma to men. If the person is a diabetic and has a controlled blood sugar level and is not dependent on insulin, he or she can also donate plasma. A person should drink as much fluid as possible before donating plasma and take appropriate food at least two hours before (agency)


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