Now the fate of RCB is in the hands of Chennai and Mumbai, such is the way to reach the playoffs

IPL Playoff 2022: With a win over Gujarat Titans in the match on Thursday night in IPL, RCB kept their hopes of reaching the playoff alive. At present, he is included in the top-4 teams in the points table with 8 wins. However, despite these 8 victories, RCB has not got a ticket for the playoff. His entry in the playoff is in the hands of Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Why is it like this? Get it here..

RCB’s luck in Chennai’s hands?
If Chennai Super Kings beat Rajasthan by a huge margin in today’s match and this will make Rajasthan’s net run rate less than RCB If it goes, then RCB will qualify for the playoffs today. In such a situation, even if Delhi wins the last match against Mumbai, then RCB will get a ticket for the playoff because then Rajasthan will be out of the playoff. That is, a huge win for Chennai can give RCB a ticket to the playoffs immediately.

If things don’t work out today, RCB will have Mumbai’s support
If Rajasthan Royals wins against Chennai Super Kings today, they will make it to the playoffs. In such a situation, there will be a competition between Delhi and RCB for the fourth spot. If Delhi wins its last match against Mumbai Indians, then Bangalore will have to be out due to low net run rate. But if Delhi loses, RCB’s playoff will be confirmed. That is, RCB will have to pray for Mumbai’s victory in the Delhi-Mumbai match.

Even if Rajasthan loses today’s match by a small margin, it will still reach the playoffs due to good run rate. In such a situation, according to the above equation, only one team from Delhi and RCB will get a ticket for the playoff. Even in this situation, it would be better for RCB that Delhi loses its last match to Mumbai at any cost.

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