OMG! 1,000-year-old egg found in an ancient Yvanneh Cespita

Many cases are coming from all over the world, meanwhile a thousand year old egg has been found in Israel. It is said to be one of the oldest eggs in the world. Unfortunately, though, the cleanup caused the egg to break. The egg is dated to the 10th century and was found during excavations in the Yavne district of central Israel. Urban development prospects are currently underway in Yavne District.

Dr. Lee Perry Gall, an expert in the Israeli Department of Archeology, said, “This is a rare find in Israel and the whole world. It has always been interesting to get eggshells without digging, but this is common. A whole egg in itself It’s rare to be.” Prior to this, ancient egg shells in Israel have been found several times in the city of David in Jerusalem. The whole egg is said to have been confiscated from an archaeological site dating back to the 10th century.

Within this archaeological site, archaeologists have found a Malakund of the Islamic period. The surprise of archaeologists was not limited to see an unusual thing inside Malkund. “This egg is perfect because it remained in a special state for 1,000 years,” said Israeli archaeologist Alla Nagorsky. The egg lay among the human feces and therefore survived.


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