OMG Found Lost Capital City, Found These Amazing Stuff

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient capital city 128 km from Lyon, France. The explorers have also found hundreds of different types of objects from this place. All these things are said to be about 800 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Among the treasures discovered are bronze weapons and trinkets, as well as pieces of potter’s pots and chariots.

Archaeologists from the University of Toulouse-Jean-Jerez are delighted to find such an amount of antiques. They claim that it may be part of the Celtic Capital City. The artifacts found here are said to date back to the end of the Arnfield culture (1,300 to 800 BC), dating to the Bronze Age of France or around 800 BC.

Due to this excavation, archaeologists have also found a settlement spread in an unusual shape in 30 hectares of land. A stone wall of about 20 feet high has also been built around the settlement. Another enclosure has been built within this wall to protect the settlement. According to Pierre-Yves Millsant, a lecturer at the University of Toulouse-Jean-Jours, many of its old-found artifacts, similar sites previously found in France, are typically spread over just four hectares of land. The inhabited site was probably the capital of a larger area. Archaeologists on Friday confirmed that they found several artifacts in intact condition.


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