OMG! Mother throws child from moving train, father jumps to save life

Prayagraj: Shocking cases are coming out from Uttar Pradesh every day. Now the latest case that has come to the fore is of Prayagraj. Here a mother became thirsty for the blood of her child and threw her child down from the moving train. Seeing his feat, the father jumped off the train and saved the life of a one-year-old child. The child reportedly fell and went back about 100 meters, though the child is still in good condition. The matter is being told of Chheoki Junction of Yamunapar. Both RPF and GRP were present on the spot and took their child along with his father to a nearby hospital.

The doctors reportedly gave first aid to the child and the condition of the child is currently out of danger. According to the information received, Janta Express (Train number 03201) was going towards Mumbai from Chheoki Junction of Prayagraj Division at 7.43 am last Thursday, in which husband Shivam Singh and wife Anshu Singh are in seat B2 number 41 and 42 in coach number. 41 and 42 are going from Chunar, Mirzapur to Mumbai with their one year old infant. According to reports, Shivam Singh works as a security guard in Mumbai. He had come home due to the Corona period and was on his way back to Mumbai.

Meanwhile, the child was crying repeatedly in the train. Seeing her, the husband asked his wife to feed him milk to silence the child. Meanwhile, the dispute increased so much that the mother suddenly threw the innocent person down from the moving train. Meanwhile, the speed of the train was not high and his father jumped down from the moving train to save the child. He picked up the child by running about 100 meters. The best part was that no other train was coming at that time, which saved both of their lives. In this case, Chheoki RPF Inspector GS Upadhyay says, “GRP and RPF have not registered any case because it is a family matter, but the child is out of danger. According to people, the mental condition of the woman was not good.


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