Onion, tomato and green vegetables spoiled the budget of the kitchen, onion 60 rupees per kg

New Delhi. The inflation of onions, tomatoes and green vegetables has made life difficult for the people who are facing the brunt of rising prices of petrol-diesel and mustard oil. The rising prices of vegetables have spoiled the kitchen budget of the common man. The main reason for the increase in the prices of vegetables is the unseasonal rains and the continuous increase in the price of diesel.

Vegetable prices are skyrocketing in Delhi-NCR. While onion is selling at Rs 50-60 per kg in retail, tomato is also getting Rs 60 per kg, while the price of green vegetables has increased by 10 per cent. Retail vegetable vendors in Delhi told in a conversation on Saturday that it will take about a fortnight for seasonal vegetables to arrive, till then the prices of vegetables will continue to rise.

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Ghaziabad, adjacent to the capital Delhi, is also witnessing an increase in the prices of vegetables. A housewife told that the price of green vegetables has increased by 10 percent. This increase is taking a toll on our pockets. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult to run the house and the budget of the entire kitchen has deteriorated. A vegetable vendor said that due to the increase in the prices of diesel and petrol, the freight charges have increased, which is affecting the prices of vegetables.

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