Onion will cross Rs 100 per kg on Diwali, now the government has taken this big decision

new Delhi. In view of the rising rate of onion, the government has relaxed the rules of onion import. It has also been decided to supply more onion market than buffer stock to control the rising prices.

With just one month left for the new crop to come in the country, the government is emphasizing on import to increase the supply of onions. On Tuesday, the average price of onion in Lasalgaon, the country’s largest onion market, was Rs 7300 per quintal. This price is the highest in the last 10 months.


According to data from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, onion retail prices in Chennai reached Rs 73 per kg on Tuesday. Onion is being sold in Delhi at Rs 50 per kg, Kolkata at Rs 65 per kg and Mumbai at Rs 67 per kg. It is estimated that if prices continue to rise like this, onion prices will cross Rs 100 per kg by Diwali. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has said that 37 lakh tonnes of onion of Kharif crop will reach the mandis soon, which will bring relief to the prices.


Currently, stored onion of Rabi crop is being sold in the market. In the last few days, there was heavy rainfall in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. These three states are the main producers of onions. Along with the standing kharif crop, onions kept in godowns have also suffered due to rain. Due to which the supply of onion was feared and there was a sudden surge in prices. Usually, onion prices are visible from monsoon to before winter.

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