People will travel between Corona next year for these 2 main reasons: Survey

new Delhi. In future, people will mainly travel in connection with work or to meet their family members or friends. The airline IndiGo claimed this after surveying 23,000 passengers in December. “Meeting friends and relatives (46 percent) and business (29 percent) will be the main reason for the journey,” the survey said.

According to the survey, 69 percent of the passengers said that they are preparing a plan to travel again in the next three months. The figure was 54 percent in the survey conducted in June. 47 percent of the people who participate in the survey want to travel alone in future and 43 percent want to travel with family.

According to the survey, 55 percent of people consider air traffic to be the safest for moving from one city to another, 37 percent consider themselves driving and 8 percent consider rail travel as safe. According to William Boulter, Chief Commercial Officer of IndiGo, “IndiGo has increased passenger confidence by 16 points, from 65 per cent in June to 81 per cent in December.”

Explain that domestic passenger flights were resumed in India on May 25 after a gap of two months. However, at that time only 33 percent of the total capacity was allowed to operate with passengers. This number has been gradually increased to 80 percent.

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