Podcast: Bababam wants to get advertising off the ground thanks to its player

“We wanted to get into the podcast and we wondered if we were going to create yet another application to listen to it, but that was not the subject: our conviction is that we must democratize digital sound and that this requires a consumption facilitated across the Web. “

Therefore Pierre Orlac’h, founder of Bababam, recounts the beginnings eighteen months ago of the adventure of his start-up, a podcast publisher with multiple caps since he is also the designer of a “player” of sound content to be inserted into Web pages and baptized “Podinstall”, as well as a consultant for brands in their sound strategy, today its main source of income.

The podcast is all the rage right now, but “It must go beyond the periphery”, adds Pierre Orlac’h, so that his market, especially advertising, really takes off. For this, the company believes, the podcast must come out of specialized “apps” and be available on all audience hubs and therefore in particular on Web pages. “It is true that listening to podcasts outside the app is far from negligible”, says a specialist.

Podinstall, launched in January, has already won over more than 200 customers around the world, the company says. Compared to a classic player to be inserted into a page, it recreates the ergonomics of an app on the web pages of a publisher or a brand and generate one url per episode. In addition to generating more plays than a player to insert, the tool allows a data collection, which is complicated for the podcast whose distribution originally comes from RSS feeds ”, explains Pierre Orlac’h. On mobile, Podinstall allows podcast fans to put it as a “widget” on their home screen. If there is a risk that it clutters this screen, access to listening is facilitated for those it has selected. In any case, publishers like Eurosport in France were won over. As is Reworld.

Podinstall is an effective gateway to also offer consulting services to brands for their sound strategy. On this activity, the French start-up has succeeded in seducing the Manchester United club. “We looked at what was being done in the United States and the club liked our general public approach”, said Pierre Orlac’h. Allianz and AXA also use his services. The company has just recruited as a partner Nadia Leroy, a former L’Oréal employee, who spent seven years there as digital and media director for 60 of the group’s brands in France.

This strategy of democratization of the podcast, Bababam, whose developments are financed by the team at its origin which comes from the Cerise Group sold to Prisma and created the Bricks startup studio, applies it as an editor of its own content. He ranked 6 of his podcasts (“Now you know”, “True stroy” …), in the 15 most listened to podcasts in August, according to the CMPA, which began broadcasting this ranking in June.

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