Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets US Vice President Kamala Harris

Washington, September 23

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House on Thursday during which the two leaders reinforced the strategic partnership between the two countries and discussed issues of mutual and global interest.

This is the first meeting between the two leaders. Harris had earlier spoken with Modi over the phone during the COVID-19 crisis in India.

Harris described India as a “very important partner” to the US and welcomed New Delhi’s announcement that it will soon resume vaccine export.

India stopped the export of COVID-19 vaccines after the second wave of the pandemic hit the country in April this year.

On Monday, India said that it will resume export of surplus COVID-19 vaccines in the fourth quarter of 2021 under the ”Vaccine Maitri” program and to meet its commitment to the COVAX global pool.

Harris, 56, is the first-ever person of Indian origin to be elected as the vice-president of the United States.

“This meeting will build upon their June 3 telephone conversation addressing the COVID response. They plan to discuss democracy, human rights, climate, and global health issues,” a White House official had earlier said.

Their meeting comes a day ahead of the maiden bilateral meeting between Modi and President Joe Biden and the Quad Leaders’ Summit at the White House on Friday.

Since taking office, Harris has met with or spoken to over 30 world leaders, promoting US interests on issues ranging from global health to climate change to cyber threats. PTI

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