Professionals, Allovoisins’ new growth driver

Allovoisins do not boast. Despite a year 2020 which confirms its initial bet based on the exchange of services between individuals, the site is moving forward. ” Since 2013, we have bet on the evolution of consumption patterns, and the year we have just experienced has been particularly intense, explains Edouard Dumortier, CEO and co-founder of Allovoisins. Now there is an element of the unknown which is more and more preponderant, and we must be careful.

The platform for connecting individuals for small services (DIY, repair, gardening, etc.) was therefore opened up to professionals during the pandemic. A desire for its manager who wanted in particular to extend its economic model based on paid subscription for those who offer their services: ” This model has enabled us to be resilient last year, to maintain 50% growth in our turnover. We said to ourselves that it made sense to add the BtoC brick to the CtoC brick that we had built since our beginnings. This now allows us to meet all of our needs, from the smallest to the most important. “.

A daily management tool for professionals

From now on, Allovoisins will allow its members to find professional service providers to find building their house or landscaping their land. The development is also intended to be societal: it should allow all those whose income has dropped drastically, or even completely since the start of the health crisis, to start a new professional activity, notes Edouard Dumortier: ” We observed that a certain number of members who went through the platform to obtain additional income have switched to the status of autoentrepreneur, or even SARL.

The key figures

3,000 REQUESTS are formulated every day via its platform. 80% of them are intended for the provision of services, against 20% for the rental of objects. 10 MILLION MESSAGES were exchanged last year between the 3.7 million members of Allovoisins.

To support them, Allovoisin has devised a system including the creation of a dedicated web page, natural referencing, as well as making appointments or the possibility for their customers to pay in three installments if they wish. ” All these new services will be active next spring and we already have 300,000 registered pros, specifies the entrepreneur. The objective is to convert them into pro subscribers with a management tool to facilitate their daily life.

The cost of this software varies from 30 to 100 euros depending on the status, against 10 euros so far for those who performed more than 4 services per month. This evolution of the model, which opens up a new revenue channel but also puts it in competition with new players, is not ” neither a revolution nor a pivot, assures Edouard Dumortier. It is a simple extension of our model that we have supported through conservative and prudent management of the company. “If there is no question of a fundraising, the leader admits that he could consider it when the horizon brightens again. By then, the thirty employees of the young Nantes start-up will deploy their new offer with the ambition to strengthen the link between citizens through a little helping hand.

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