Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann has become a ‘rubber doll’: Navjot Singh Sidhu

Chandigarh, April 21

Congress leader Navjot Sidhu met with the Punjab Governor along with two former MLAs Navtej Cheema and Ashwani Sekhri on Thursday.

Congress leader Navjot Sidhu along with former MLAs Navtej Cheema and Ashwani Sekhri meeting the Punjab Governor.

Sidhu tweeted: “Memorandum to the Hon’ble Governor Punjab on the burning issues of Punjabhellip; It resonates people’s voicehelp; He gave us patient hearing , said he’s looking into the matter.. Will even go to Delhi for Punjab, Punjabiyat and the rights of Punjabishellip;”

He listed the deteriorating law and order situation, politicization of Punjab police, looming power crisis and Rs 500 bonus for wheat growers as the main issues in his memorandum.

After the meeting, Sidhu claimed that the law and order situation in Punjab has “deteriorated drastically” under the Bhagwant Mann Government, with 40 people killed in a month.

He dubbed CM Mann a “rubber doll”, alluding to the Opposition charge that the state government is being run by the AAP leadership from Delhi.

The Congress leader said, “Does he (Bhagwant Mann) care about Punjab?

“The Chief Minister has become a ‘rubber da gudda’ (rubber doll),” Sidhu told reporters.

“Punjab’s CM should be ‘ankhila’ (a self-respecting man) who could not be pulled by strings,” Sidhu added.

“Someone is playing the game but someone else is dancing and speaking. The person who is playing the game while sitting in Delhi is the masquerader and he is getting unmasked,” said Sidhu in an apparent dig at AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal.

The former Punjab Congress chief said the law and order situation in the state has “deteriorated drastically” under the Mann government.

He claimed 40 people have been killed in the state in the last month.

Sidhu alleged the Punjab Government is using the police force to target those who raise their voice against Kejriwal.

“You are politicizing the police force to use it for your own interests,” he said attacking the AAP government.

“Whether it is ‘badlav’ (change) or ‘badla’ (vendetta)… vendetta politics has started,” he said.

Sidhu’s remarks came a day after the Punjab Police visited the homes of former AAP leader Kumar Vishwas and Congress’ Alka Lamba in connection with a case registered over “inflammatory statements” against Kejriwal.

Both leaders have been summoned for questioning on April 26.

Targeting the Aam Aadmi Party, Sidhu accused it of “selling lies” to people in order to grab power in Punjab.

“You sold lies and dreams but you do not have resources to fulfill them,” said Sidhu.

“What was the need for making tall promises,” he asked while pointing out that Punjab’s financial position was the “worst” in the country.

He said 85 per cent of the state’s revenue is being spent on salaries, pension and repaying debt.

On the electricity front, the former Punjab Congress chief asked the Mann-led Government how it will meet the rising demand.

“Today, the demand for power has reached 8,000 MW and the government is unable to meet it,” said Sidhu, claiming that thermal power plants are getting shut because of coal shortage.

“When the demand for power reaches 15,000 MW, then how will they meet it,” he asked.

Sidhu demanded that wheat growers be given Rs 500 per quintal for the drop in crop yield because of early onset of heat wave. —with PTI

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