Put one thing in the corner of the house, just one thing will run away immediately, learn other remedies

If you are also troubled by the terror of cockroaches in your home, then we have brought such measures for you which can get rid of these cockroaches. For this, you do not need to use pesticides, but home remedies can also get rid of this problem. Let’s know these measures.

# Strong clove does not like cockroaches. Put some cloves buds in kitchen drawers and store room shelves. Cockroaches will immediately run away from its smell.

# Cockroaches will also run away with the use of kerosene oil, but you have to be ready to deal with its smell.

# Put 1/3 red wine in a bowl and keep it in the cabinet or where the cockroach terror is most prevalent.

# Mix powdered sugar with boric acid and keep it in the cabinet. With this you will get rid of cockroaches.

# Place the empty egg shells on the kitchen cabinet or slab, so that the cockroaches will not enter the kitchen.


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