Recipe: Make a royal piece on Diwali, taste such that fingers will be licked

The holy festival of Diwali is coming in the coming days. Many types of sweets are made in homes before Diwali. This time people will show even less interest in buying sweets from outside due to Corona. In such a situation, we have brought you the recipe of Shahi piece which you should try on Diwali this year.

necessary ingredients

– Three to four slices of bread
– Two teaspoons sugar or sugar free
– Half liter milk
One to two strands of saffron
– little raisins
– some cashew nuts
– Refined for frying


To make a royal slice, first you have to separate the edges of the bread. After this, cut the desired square or triangular pieces of these breads.

Now heat the refined oil in a pan. Now add the bread pieces and fry them till they become light golden. Once they become golden, keep them aside.

Heat milk, sugar or sugar free and saffron in a pan. Now add raisins, cashews to this milk and mix well. Now place the bread pieces on a plate and pour this mixture of milk and saffron on top of it. Also decorate a few pieces on top of dry fruits. Your royal piece is ready. Which is easy to make and will be very tasty to eat.


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