Recipe: Make market like virgin mojito drink at home like this, stay cool in summer, note easy recipe?

Lifestyle Desk. You must have had a Virgin Mojito drink after dinner and lunch. You can make virgin mojito drink at home. It is also very easy to make it at home. Also, this ring is going to be instant.

So let’s know how to make special drink of Virgin Mojito …


1 bottle soda or white cold drink
-4 lemons
-15-20 mint leaves
-1/2 cup sugar
-ice cube

This is how to make…

First cut the lemon into round shape. In a vessel, grind 5-6 pieces of lemon, mint leaves and sugar in a vessel with light hands. Take a glass of glass, put ice cubes and crushed mixture in it, pour the water of the mixture into the same glass.

Add soda or white cold drink to the glass and now garnish with remaining lemon slices and mint leaves. Your virgin mojito drink is ready. Now you can serve cold.


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