Recipe: Semolina pudding is also helpful in increasing immunity, this is an easy way to make

Internet desk. Who does not like semolina pudding. It is made at home on festivals. Apart from the delicious semolina pudding, it is also beneficial for our health. Semolina pudding is also helpful in increasing immunity. That is why eating semolina pudding in the Corona period is right.

necessary ingredients

Semolina – 1 cup
A cup of sugar
Water – four cups
Ghee – half cup
Green cardamom powder – one fourth teaspoon
Almonds – five
Cashew – five

Method of preparation:

First, put ghee in the pan and keep the semolina in it until it turns light brown on low flame.
After this, add boiled water to it and keep stirring it.
When all the water is exhausted, add sugar and cardamom powder to it. – Turn off the gas when it becomes thick.
Now you can add cashew nuts and almonds to it. In this way your delicious semolina pudding is prepared.


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